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Getting Started: Running the Crosshair Demo

Crosshair Overview Maps

Crosshair Assembler offers three overview maps CrosshairOverviewBasic, CrosshairOverviewAdvanced, and CrosshairOverviewScopes in CrosshairAssembler/Demo/Maps that include crosshair samples in

CrosshairAssembler/CrosshairSamples/CrosshairBasic, CrosshairAssembler/CrosshairSamples/CrosshairAdvanced, and CrosshairAssembler/CrosshairSamples/CrosshairScopes, respectively.


To run the demo, open a map (We open CrosshairOverviewBasic here) and play it.


Available Actions

The demo is based on the UE4 built-in FirstPersonShooting project, and supports move (w,a,s,and d) , jump (spacebar), and shoot (left click) actions of the player. Users can also change the crosshairs (c and z). Brief information about the crosshair setup is displayed by the debug text, which can be toggled by tab. See below for the complete action key list.



Action Key
Move  W A S D
Jump  Spacebar
Shoot  Left Mouse Button
Aim  Right Mouse Button
Next Crosshair sample  C
Previous Crosshair sample  Z
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