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FAQ: How to extend recoil computation to movement, jump, etc.

These days, we are getting many questions whether Crosshair Assembler supports dynamic recoil responses of different types of actions (movement, jump, etc).

One of the most important design goal of Crosshair Assembler was to make it as a completely independent module to other game components and logic. The recoil is an important game parameter that should be carefully designed and computed by the strategy of game designs. So we decided to make the recoil computation happens outside of the Crosshair Assembler system and the system just gets the recoil at every tick (or whenever you want) to display the corresponding crosshair shape. This means Crosshair Assembler does not restrict anything about recoil, so that users can freely design their own dynamic recoil computation system based on their game types.

Although the recoil computation is therefore go beyond our crosshair assembler package’s main focus, to help users’ understanding, we demonstrate a simple extension of the currently included recoil computation (fire only) to reflect the character movement.

Our current demo computes the recoil in the player controller blueprint, and pass it to the crosshair actor. If your game wants to keep our demo structure, then you need to modify the player controller script to extend recoil computation to different actions.

Open the blueprint script CrosshairAssembler/Demo/Blueprints/BP_CrosshairDemoPlayerController and modify it to include the script below.


By doing so, we can see the following result.

In a simillar manner, the input recoil can be extended to jump, etc.

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