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The Demo Video Scene

Figure 1. The demo video scene of Character Cel Shading Pack


Our pack’s demo video scene consists of five character models from Mixamo Animation Pack and associated material instances produced by Jiffycrew. The Mixamo Animation Pack is free at the time of our pack submission. However, the redistribution of the assets can only be done by Mixamo. So, the original scene could not be included in the pack.

Still, users who wants to get the original scene can freely (at the time of our pack submission. July 2016) get the Mixamo Animation Pack and reproduce the scene of our demo video following this document.

To make the reproduction by users easy as much as possible, we remained the demo video scene level in the pack with dummy characters and texture-removed materials while all other settings remained the same to the video demo. With the scene level and this document, users should be able to precisely reproduce the scene. In our test reproduction, moderate level UE4 artist who doesn’t know about the structure of this pack could reproduce the scene less than 15 mins.

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