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Steps to Reproduce the Mixamo Demo Scene

a. Add Mixamo Animation Pack

Download the Mixamo Animation Pack (https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/mixamo-animation-pack) in the UE4 marketplace and add it to your project that contains Character Cel Shading Pack.


b. Replace the dummy models with Mixamo Characters.

Our Mixamo example map has UE4 default Mannequin characters at locations where Mixamo characters should be placed. Those mannequin characters should be replaced by Mixamo Characters. This can be done by one of the two following methods.

  • Add Mixamo characters from the Mixamo folder and replace the position and orientation of the character with the value of the dummy models. In this case, users also need to turn on the Render CustomDepth Pass option to enable line drawing of the character.
  • Select each character and replace the skeletal mesh and animations with the Mixamo characters.


c. Replace textures in our Mixamo material instances.

Our material instances named with Mixamo characters’ names has parameter values that we used for our demo video except textures. Please refer to attached images in this document below, to put the right textures in the material instances.


d. Assign materials to characters

After material instances are ready with right textures, assign the materials to characters


e. Enjoy

Once you finish the above process, you can see the same scene to our demo video.

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