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Important Files

File Description

post process line material (silhouette line only) (UE4.14 forward rendering compatible)

post process line material (silhouette and crease)




Path Description
CRP\LineDrawing Contents for line drawing functionality
CRP\LineDrawing\AllPlatformOutline full content of All Platform Outline Pack
CRP\LineDrawing\PostProcessLine post-process-based line drawing content
CRP\LineDrawing\PostProcessLine\Maps post-process-based line drawing demo maps
CRP\LineDrawing\PostProcessLine\Materials post-process-based line drawing PP materials
CRP\LineDrawing\PostProcessLine\Materials\MaterialFunctions material functions to implement post-process-based line drawing
CRP\LineDrawing\PostProcessLine\Materials\MaterialInstances material instances used in post-process-based line drawing demo maps
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