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Important Files

File description

Cel shading directional light blueprint class
Body cel shading main material
Hair cel shading main material



Body Cel Shading Example Map


Hair Cel Shading Example Map



Path Description
CRP\CharacterCelShading Contents for character cel shading functionality
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Blueprint cel shading related blueprints
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Maps body and hair cel shading demo maps
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Materials body and hair cel shading main materials
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Materials\ColorMaterials trivial color materials
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Materials\MaterialFunctions material functions to implement body and hair cel shading materials
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Materials\MaterialInstances material instances used in cel shading demo maps
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Meshes meshes used in cel shading demo maps
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Textures textures used in cel shading demo maps
CRP\CharacterCelShading\Textures\FalloffTextures textures used as fall off functions of 1D-Tex-based cel shading
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