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Drawing Outlines on Actors


Drawing outlines on actors with APOP is an extremely simple process: 1) add a blueprint component to an actor, 2) play.

In our first version (v1.0.0), we had two different types of blueprint components for static and skeletal mesh actors. Starting from v1.1.0, our pack has a single generic blueprint component for all types of actors containing one or more static and/or skeletal meshes.

In the following example, we demonstrated the process with character actors. But, the same process works for all types of actors, including StaticMeshActor, SkeletalMeshActor, etc.


Step 1: Add a blueprint component to an actor

Select an actor to draw outline and add “BP_APOP_Outline” blueprint component to it (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Adding BP_APOP_Outline to an actor

Step 2: Play

Then by click play button, we can see outlines on the actor (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Outlines drawn on actors

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